Fill Steam Ahead Worktop Saver with veg Copy resized

 Worktop Savers

These bright and colourful worktop savers are made from a glossy toughened glass so are both heat and scratch resistant. They can be used to place hot pots and pans on, and can also be used as cutting mats for any types of food as their hygienic nature means they don't retain tastes and smells and they are easy to wash and dry. 

Whilst they would be really useful on any kitchen worktop, they also make great centre serving mats for a dining table, or even a splash-back for a kitchen or bathroom sink. 

They come in two sizes; 300mm x 300mm, and 385mm x 282mm, and have little non-slip plastic feet on the back. Washing them in a dishwasher is not recommended as this could remove the plastic feet.