Me and Scraps at Stanpit. June 2015

I am a watercolour artist and illustrator based on the beautiful south coast of England. My work is bright, colourful, and created to make people smile. The sun always shines in my paintings and there are lots of quirky little details to look at.

I enjoy painting well known villages and towns in the UK and giving them a little twist - literally! The streets and buildings all have a slightly organic feel and bend and twist around to face the sun or look at the people passing. There is usually at least one dog in each scene too. I love dogs and my constant companion is my very mischievous rescue dog, Scrappy, who promoted himself on arrival to become my CEO. We both love drinking tea and eating cake so most days HAVE to include a little bit of that in between painting!

All my work is professionally scanned and printed to a very high standard using top quality inks, watercolour papers and other gift items. My limited edition prints are produced using the giclée printing process. This produces exceptional high resolution results capturing the sharp definition, tone and characteristics of the original painting.

I hope you enjoy visiting my quirky, colourful world. Do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.