What is a 'Giclée' Print?

Giclée (pronounced ghee-clay) originates from the French verb "to spray", and is used to describe a digital high resolution print providing a look and feel similar to that of original artwork. Prints are available on original artists materials such as watercolour paper and canvas. Fine Art reproduction has been revolutionised with the giclée printing process due to the exceptional results it produces. The brilliant colour, sharp definition, and tone give a visual quality, which is eye-catching and captures the characteristics of the original artwork.

How accurately does giclée printing reproduce the original artwork?seagull

Giclée inkjet printers are typically capable of producing 16 million colours, to a horizontal resolution of 1/2880th of an inch. When used with the highest quality inks, they can produce breathtakingly vivid colours, almost indistinguishable from the original in the case of photographs.

How long will my prints last?

Giclée prints using the highest quality archival printing materials (such as all those that we produce) have an estimated print life of 75 years plus, with the proper care and attention.

How do I care for my giclée print?

All materials used in our prints are specified to remain pristine in 35 to 65% humidity and 10 to 30 degrees Centigrade. To ensure your print does not get damaged in any other way:

Do not to hang your print in direct sunlight or fluorescent lights
Do not scratch or rub the print
Clean the print by using a feather duster
For the best possible protection of prints on paper, have your prints professionally mounted and framed

What are 'Limited Edition' giclée prints?

Sometimes artists, art owners or photographers limit or fix the number of prints that are produced from a particular image, thereby creating a Limited Edition print. Each print is numbered to indicate its place in the edition. The number of the edition will usually be found in the bottom corner of the picture and will appear as a fraction - the top number indicates the number of the print and the bottom number indicates the total number of prints in the edition. The prints may also be signed by the artist in pencil so that it cannot be reproduced. The more limited the edition the more rare and valuable the print.

My giclées are printed on an acid free German Etching 310gsm mould made paper or Canvas 340gsm. Each are assigned a Limited edition No.